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All Eyes West – “Lie In Wait”

Astpai – “2000 Pills”

Broadcaster – “The Current”

All Eyes West – “Help Is On The Way”

Broadcaster – “The Only Way You Know”

Astpai – “Honest Or Sentimental”

Broadcaster – “Anything You Never Heard”

Broadcaster – “Tightrope Walker”

Gay For Johnny Depp – “Come On Feel The Boize”

Noise By Numbers – “Radiate”

Noise By Numbers – “Disappointed”

A Wilhelm Scream – “Australias”

A Wilhelm Scream – “Fun Time”

A Wilhelm Scream – “I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz”

Tribute To Nothing “Something I Can Trust”

Burn The 8 Track – “The Great Divide”

Red Tape Parade – “(Always Stubborn, Sometimes Hateful)”