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Can we send you demos?

Yes, go ahead.

Will you listen to it?

Yes, we listen to every demo that we receive. So nothing will remain unlistened, although we don´t listen to everything completely. In case we think it´s too crappy or it absolutely isn´t our style of music, we might just do a quick listening session.

Will you wirte back after receiving our demo?

No, unless we like your music and your appearance so much that we would take a cooperation with you into consideration. Sorry, but we can´t spend that much time on writing everybody back who sent something in, but it´s always worth a try.

Where do I send demos?

Send it to:
Ass-Card Records
Meissenerstr. 48
44139 Dortmund

We accept demos in the following formats: CD, Tape or Vinyl.
Please no MP3’s or big files by email or links since we don’t have the time and the patience to download.

We are a trendy emo band with cute myspace haircuts. We want to be the next big thing like My Chemical Romance and we want to be on Burgerking tv. Can we send you our demo?

Fuck you!!! Contact American Idol and we hope that you´ll break up soon!!

We are a really tough metalcore band can we hook up with you?

Please leave us alone cause we give a shit about metal and metalcore!

We are a christian hardcore band, is there a chance to get on your label?

Fuck off, and listen to Minor Threats “Filler”, that is all we have to say about it!

We’re an indie-rock-emo band

To quote Dillinger Four: “Very seldom is it ‘indie’, and very rarely does it rock.” Don’t send it.

Can I work for ass-card records or do an internship?

No, sorry as we are a tiny army which is doing everything due to the fact of commitment, we don´t have any free jobs, which would pay off for you.

Can I help you in any form like spreading flyers, stickers, running your link on my page, publishing news about your bands, or anything else?

Yes, go ahead, as we all still see this as a part of a community who works together and helps each other out, we appreciate any form of network cooperation with people from all over the world. No matter the color, the age, the race, the nationality, sexual preference or any other stupid categorization. Fuck your bigotry. As long as you are cool with us, we are cool with you!

Do you trade records?

Yes, we do.

Do you want to trade with me?

Yes, we do, but please contact us upfront in order to make sure that we are currently trading. Sometimes we stop trading for a while, whenever we have too much on stock and need to get rid of some stuff before we continue trading. And please accept that we can´t trade endless amounts with everybody and don´t be dissappointed if we refuse some of your stuff.

I am publishing a zine, can you send me some promostuff for reviewing it?

Maybe, please contact us about that via email at info[at]asscardrecords.com and send us a sample of your zine. If we think your zine is cool enough for our supercool releases, we will send you our latest stuff. But please understand that our source of promo records is limited and that we can´t send out hundreds of free records and cds.

I am running an e-zine, can I get some promostuff for reviewing it?

As there are thousands of “e-zines” out there, and as there are also tons of them who only last for some weeks or even days we can´t afford to send free stuff to all of them, but basically the same as for fanzines, try to contact us.

Would you like to advertise in my magazine?

If you send us your rates, and we like your magazine and can afford it at that time, we will contact you about it!

Can you book a tour for my band?

No, we are a record label not a booking agency, please keep that in mind!

Can my band play with one of your bands?

Well, as mentioned above, we are not a booking agency, so we don´t have too much influence on that issue, although we sometimes arrange some shows for our bands.

I want to set up a show with one of your bands, who can I contact?

You can contact them or their booker or whoever is responsible for their showaffairs. But you could also contact us and we will put you in touch with somebody who can help you out.

Can I get your releases directly from you?

Yes, no problem, order it via our shop on our page or contact us via email about it.

I can´t get your releases at my recordstore.

If you have trouble finding our releases, please ask you local record shop to contact us or supply us with their contact address and we will get in touch with them.

Can I buy you some beer at a show?

Yes, go ahead, you don´t even have to ask!

Will any of your bands play my town? And if so when?

Check our tour section for that, we are updating it regularly.

Can I use some songs from some of your bands for a compilation or other projects?

Contact us about this and we will talk to you about it. Please only serious inquiries.

I´d like to interview or feature one of your bands in my zine, e-zine or magazin or whereever.

Get in touch, and we will try to work something out for you.

I´d like to do an interview with one of your bands, can I get in at a show for free?

Maybe we could try to arrange something, but, as already mentioned, we aren´t a booking agency, we don´t have unlimited capacity (by the way, no one has) on the guestlist. Please only contact us in case your purpose is serious!

I have old skateboards, skateboardmagazines, hc/punk records and other cool stuff at my house that I want to get rid off, can I contact you?

Fucking yes, do it right now!