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Ass-Card Records CrewIn 1995 Ass-Card (Records) started as a Fanzine and Videocompilation and then 1999 we put out the first Ass-Card Records release (It was the Am I Jesus 7“ „chrome“, which was Tobi´s band by the way). After 5 issues of the Fanzine, we decided to focus on the label, as working on both projects at the same time turned out to be definitely too much.

Our purpose? Is simple: Putting out good independent records by bands we like and think that deserve to be supported. Our releases are mostly punk and hardcore related. But the most important thing for us is to work with a band that we feel comfortable about having in our roster, as we have a very amicable relationship with all our bands.

We will continue to put our records that we love, no matter how the next fucking trend will look like. We always only did what we wanted to and we still will in the future!!!

Our records are distributed by:

Cargo Records


Netherlands, Belgium, France:
Sonic Rendezvous

Code7 via Plastic Head


it´s more than music
more than a new dance
more than fashion
more than a posed stance

it´s more than music
it´s something to live life with
beyond cheap slogans
an act of love, an attempt to give
we have seen a lot of kids drift away
and now they´re gone
but new blood and old ideals
help keep our vision strong

it´s more than music
it´s our life

Verbal Assault – “more than music” 1987